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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Interview with IM John Watson
with Fred Wilson


WC at 3rd attempt

Selected games of Portisch (barnis?)
Tal's best game

Nimzowith Repraisal

Keres 1951 -- Best games

1851-1950 Decisive Games



Anand's best games
2 vol rubenstein's games
Storming the barricade
Modern chess masterpieces

Fire on Board
Korchnoi's Best Games vol I and II
Kramnik's best games

top Hungarian --

Instructional training

Best Lessons of a Chess Coach

Excelling in Chess
Excelling in Positional Chess (1800-2000)
Silman (reassess your chess, amateur's mind)
Logical chess Move by Move
Pawn Structure Chess by Soltis

Weapons of Chess (Pandolfini)
Complete's Idiot's Guide Wolff
Comprehensive Chess Course (v 1 and ii)
101 Q on how to play chess

preview chess now
Soviet Chess Convention (
Road to ch Improvement
Winner: Mark Dvortesky -- Positional Play

Dynamic Pawn Play
Pacman's Chess Strategy books 3 volumes
(Creative Chess Strategy is okay...)

late 60's

KID by Harsten, , keene
Pirc and Modern (Keene,
Benoni and Pirc by Nunn

QGD 1970s --
Play the Queen's Gambit (Marion)

2 vols of Winawer

Winner in category: How to Open the Chess Game (by larsen, keres, petrosian, Evans, Gligoric)

Slav Defense (4 books, Donaldson)
Complete Benoni
Beating The Sicilian (John Nunn)
Ray Keene's opening book Nf3 c4
John Donaldson

Beating the Sicilian

Modern Benoni

Leningrad Dutch
Qg4 in the French

Slav Defense

Peter Welch (wells?) -- Scotch Gambit

Patterson's 2 slavs

Easy Guide to the Nimzo's Indian

Trompowsky (Peter Wells)

Akiba Rubenstein
Reliable Past
Winter's Capablanca
Life and Games of Tigran Petrosian

Autobiography of Benko
TACTICS books recommended by Fred Wilson

Encyclop Ch Middlegames
magic of chess tactics
Lev Alburt's chess traning pocket book

chess tactics
303 Fred Wilson
303 Fred Wilson

MV Blokh The Art of Combination

Endgame lessons -- Benko (chesslife columns, self-published)
Speelman's 2 book engame prep and one more
Engame Virutoso
Korchnoi's endgame book (2001)
Engame Strategy :: Devoretsky
Vander heijden Endgame study database (chessbase disk)

(Miller) Fundamental Chess Endings (muller and lambrect)

Rook and Pawn
Practical Chess Endgames --


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